What the future beholds...

Children need space to spread their wings. The designers and planners of Avalon World School, Vadodara will keep that in mind as the school’s abode takes shape.

The school campus will be given a lot of thought in the planning stage as it is a space where children will spend major portion of their student life. This is important as a child will live through different phases as student in this second home. As such our school will be a matrix that synergizes seamlessly to help our students ascend through these phases effortlessly.

Large, airy classrooms equipped with multimedia tools, varied activity zones, ample areas for sports, and an administrative services block will function as a dynamic, connected whole – linked by wide corridors and courtyards. Every day your child can look forward to the well-equipped Resource Centre with its well stocked library, audio-visual room, multimedia centre and laboratories for computers, maths, sciences, languages and natural world.

Avalon World School has been affiliated to CBSE like its predecessors DPS Vadodara, Harni, Bharuch and Anand. As our students grow older, their academic, physical and cultural spheres will also become wider.

Children will get exposed to a multitude of sporting and cultural pursuits including dramatics, performing arts, classical dance forms, music and other literary events. The campus will offer swimming, athletics, football, cricket, tennis and other outdoor sports. Indoor facilities will include table tennis, badminton, chess, carrom, etc.

Scientific temperament of students from Class IV onwards will be honed through smart board based multimedia lessons on varied topics and subjects.

Separate laboratories for science subjects will be provided for students of secondary level. A separate computer lab equipped with latest computers and servers will form the backbone for IT education.

Avalon World School will ultimately be offering classes up to XII.


To promote team spirit group loyalty and healthy competition amoung the students, every student from Classes I to VII is placed in one of the four "Houses". The school provides the platforms for students to exhibit their talents by organising various inter - house Competitions.

There are four Houses in the School. Their names and the colours associated with each are given below:

Honesty Green
Unity Yellow
Equality Blue
Sincerity Red

Every Houses is headed by the House Captain and House Vice-Captain. The Houses also have House Prefects. A member of the staff, assisted by several other teachers (tutors) acts as House Warden. Points are awarded to students of each House throughout the year for co-curricular activities, games & sports.


  • Games and Sports are a special area of emphasis in the school. Every student should stand exposed to as many sports activities as possible. The sports activities conducted in the school consist of the following :
    Outdoor : Cricket, Football, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, Athletics.
    Indoor : Chess, Carrom, Yoga, Table Tennis.
  • Students will be trained in Physical Education depending on their physical abilities and interests.
  • Swimming is an important activity in the school and students are required to take up the same seriously.
  • Every child should work towards maximising his/her natural ability.
  • Students should work towards shared goals to inculcate a spirit of team work, loyalty, unity and imbibe important lessons in human values.
  • Students are expected to be disciplined and to abide by the rules of the game while participating in various physical activities.

Students are required to be in their House Uniforms on Thursdays.